About us

I believe that each of us is unique.
Each of our clients is unique, each of our guests is unique.
This is how DittSPA products were born.

In every single product, I give a little bit of myself

During many years of traveling around the world, I had the opportunity to meet various people and discover their customs and cultures.

I was also able to observe how the world is changing and, unfortunately, how far in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we move away from our roots, from what is natural to us.

I decided to do something that will allow each of us to return to what is close to us - trees, flowers, earth, fresh water, wonderful smells, everything that is natural. At the same time, thanks to my friends, I was introduced to the idea of ZERO WASTE, which I also promote so that every day we can take better care of our home - The Earth.

People are at the center of my attention

In every single product, I give a little bit of myself, a little positive energy that I want to share with everyone on this planet.

For years I have been exploring the knowledge about people, where we come from, where we are going, how we function - thanks to this, I can successfully propose things that improve the quality of life for each of us.

I am a political scientist, massage therapist and aromatherapist by education - in my private life I like to spend my time in the kitchen or fishing. Getting to know us people in various aspects, I understood that a good life is a harmony of many elements within us.

My name is Marek Zubacz. I invite you to my world.

100% natural ingredients

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