Domestic Footcare by MiaCalnea

MiaCalnea® is a brand name for podiatry and feet health.

Products with the characteristic pink logo are mostly made using natural materials such as wood, quartz or rubber. The MiaCalnea® brand therefore fits perfectly into the concept of environmentally conscious thinking, as confirmed by international organisations such as FSC® and PEFC™.
All products in the MiaCalnea® range are subject to advanced quality tests. They are FSC® certified and have SILD Antibacterial Protection.

The MiaCalnea® brand is also a natural product for manicure, epilation and cellulite control.

MiaCalnea® Premium+ is the perfect choice for advanced home pedicure users.
Four different abrasive surfaces can easily cope with hard-to-remove calluses.

Two large abrasive surfaces (grain in size 80 and 100) quickly eliminate dead skin, while the SOFTSPOT™ white round with a fine abrasive surface (grain size 240) will perfectly finish the pedicure treatment, leaving your feet soft and smooth. SOFTSPOT™ is also ideal for hard-to-remove and impossible to wash off skin stains. 

FITPASEC™ is a unique solution perfect for small and difficult to reach calluses. Thanks to it, healthy and imperfect skin will not be damaged.

MiaCalnea® Velvet

Absolutely unique in the field of cosmetic accessories.

The first and only foot file-polisher on the market, with an elastic surface, guaranteeing the effect of velvety smooth feet.
Two large abrasive formats have a two-stage effect: the first rough surface effectively rubs calluses, while the second soft and elastic surface smoothens the feet. In the opinion of beauticians, high efficiency of the polishing surface eliminates the need for peeling at the end of the pedicure treatment.

MiaCalnea® Pilerka

Nominated in the QultowyKosmetyk competition

As well as recommended by the branch press (among others ELLE) as the undisputed MUST HAVE for everyone who appreciates unique design combined with functionality and ergonomics.

The size and shape of Pilerka was selected optimally, so that it lies in the best possible position in one's hand, and the elastic strap additionally protects against slipping out of the hand during the treatment. These small footfiles are perfect for travel.

MiaCalnea® AeroFiter™

was designed for the highest possible efficiency of a file and polisher in one.

The ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the foot, so that at the same time the skin’s abrasion efficiency increases by 40%.  
Its subtle bend increases the comfort of use. This will be particularly appreciated by people with reduced mobility. The originality of the product and its high ergonomic value make AeroFiter™ the absolute leader in the group of effective and comfortable cosmetic accessories.

Two abrasive surfaces, the first with abrasive grit (80) and the second with polisher (240) complete the product’s perfection. 

The MiaCalnea® Standard

is the absolute queen of foot and heel care products.

This file has all the features that allow it to qualify for the title of “Ideal Product”.
Waterproof thanks to two two layers of varnish, that protect the wood against water and moisture, and SILD® Antibacterial Protection for safe use. 
Light and ergonomic, it provides a comfortable pedicure treatment. Large and super durable abrasive surfaces with universal, two-stage gradations: 80 on one side and 100 on the other side, guarantee quick and effective removal of calluses. 


Never before has it been so easy to fight cellulite.

CeluStoper® PROFESSIONAL is an innovative tool to fight this age-old enemy of women – cellulite. It is the ideal tool for systematic skin cleansing. It removes dead epidermis thanks to micromassage with tiny elastic cylindrical shaped rubber rods on the surface of CeluStoper®
Intensive massage with tiny elastic rubber rods reduces fat cells and stimulates microcirculation, which significantly improves skin tone and firmness.
In addition, CeluStoper® is ideal for problems with hair ingrowth after hair removal. On the second or third day after shaving, lightly wipe off CeluStoper® skin to remove any blocking hair cells. Elastic rubber rods in CeluStoper® naturally peel the skin, preventing ingrown hair.