Professional footcare by MiaCalnea

Why MiaCalnea?

Our overriding goal is to produce the highest quality products, significantly improving the functionality, comfort and effectiveness of body care treatment.

Extremely handy and lightweight, the ONEUSE™
This file is the perfect product for professionals. It is ideal for beauty salons, SPAs and all businesses performing pedicure treatments.

A key factor in attractiveness is undoubtedly the price of ONEUSE™ as a disposable product. The 40-pcs box is also an attractive aesthetic support in the cosmetic salon.  
FITPASEC™ is a unique solution perfect for small and difficult to reach calluses. Thanks to it, healthy and imperfect skin will not be damaged.


Exceptionally exclusive and elegant single-use files for professionals.

The deep blackness of the wood gives it its unique character. 
NOIR by ONEUSE™ fits perfectly into a glamorous salon design.
Additionally, the set of 40 pcs is duplicated in half between two types of grits: 20 pcs with grit 80 and 20 pcs with grain 120, respectively. 


offers professional cosmetic sticks in several functional sizes.

Special features of our sticks: natural finish, Polish raw materials (beech wood) and sharpening – round on one side, and angled cutting on the other. Sticks are an essential tool for professional manicure and pedicure treatments. 

MiaCalnea® spatula

Waxing? Yes, but only hygienically, with wax applied with a Wooden MiaCalnea® spatula.

Selected Podkarpackie wood, paraffinized for better smoothness, cut in optimal shapes.
Your comfort and guarantee of naturalness. Professional cosmetic spatulas for body wax application. A special paraffin coating gives the spatulas a delicate surface that is pleasant to the touch.