Handmade soaps and cosmetics

Everytime treat yourself as a someone special... In Your SPA

Handmade soaps arebecoming more and more popular.

After the age of shower gels and liquid soaps, which are riddled with artificial ingredients, we are choosing to go back to more natural and efficient products.

We also tend to appreciate more the care given to the creation of handcrafted products, as these are made by people for people. Every single bar of soap will be slightly different, which makes it unique, as opposed to large volumes of soulless, anonymous line productions.

Soap bars are also handy for your holidays – no more problems with security control at the airport, no more worrying about liquids limits and more space for something else in your luggage.

Handmade soap barsare alsomuch more eco-friendlyas they do not require a plastic container.

Handmade soap bars are also much more eco-friendly as they do not require a plastic container. We are packing them in minimal amounts of paper, which can be easily recycled. It is also note worthy that, thanks to the natural ingredients in these products, we do not harm the environment with unnecessary waste.


Enchanted Forest, the captivating scent of cedar wood, combined with refreshing oranges and calming lavender, all in one bar of soap.  

The Enchanted Forest series of MZ No2 candles and essential oils is an all-time favourite.  You can now immerse yourself in this fragrance in the shower or even simply while you wash your hands.  The Rhassoul clay element of this soap nourishes your skin, leaves it feeling moisturised and improves its tone. 

Panacea, the Greek goddess of universal remedy.  The solution to all problems, the cure to all illnesses.  The same properties are attributed to eucalyptus.  

Eucalyptus is commonly used to relieve respiratory problems, but is also known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, to name but these.   Added to this eucalyptus essential oil, blue clay has a moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.  

Purple Hills, the calming power of lavender captured in a bar of soap.

We are proud to present to you the latest addition to our magical ritual of relaxation. It has come to complete our Aura of Calm set, which already features the MZ No3 candle, the essential oils in a bottle and the bath salts. The name “Purple Hills” was inspired by the purple clay that is in this soap and will help your skin feel refreshed and relaxed. You now have the full set for your home spa.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing.
Our selection of bath salts are a unique blend of Epson Salt, Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt. Each salt has a special property that helps care for your body:
Magnesium: aids sleep and relaxation, promotes a quick healing of skin tissue and provides the skin’s surface with anti-allergic elements, essential for cell metabolism.
Bromide: soothes the skin, relaxes the body muscles and calms the nerves.
Chloride: combines with hydrogen in the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid, a powerful digestive enzyme.
Sodium: relieves stiffness and muscle cramps. Also a detoxifying agent, helping cells retain nourishment and expel waste.
Calcium: an essential mineral known to strengthen bones, teeth and cell membranes. Also cleanses pores.
Potassium: helps balance moisture in the skin and body, aiding in the reduction of water retention and in the nourishment of cells. Also regulates the nervous system.
Iodine: important for the correct function of the thyroid gland and aids metabolic exchanges.
Sulfur: a natural disinfectant and detoxifying agent as it works with the liver to rid the body of toxins.
Zinc: when applied topically zinc is known to boost the immune system.
Thanks to bath salts you can develop the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.

Handmade Whipped Body Butter

First of all, natural body butter is devoid of all kinds of unnecessary fillers, parabens extending durability, artificial colors and flavors. Therefore, this cosmetic is much safer for the body than those that can be found on store shelves. It consists of only natural ingredients - fats such as shea or coconut oil and natural essential oils (lavender, grapefruit, geranium). The great advantage of butter is the lack of water and high fat content, which means that you do not need a lot of preservatives here. Natural body butters have an excellent caring and protective effect, they create an occlusive layer on the skin that protects against water loss from the epidermis, and at the same time protects the epidermis against the harmful effects of external factors. The composition of body butter also includes: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. The presence of vitamins A and E is also very valuable, as they have antioxidant properties and at the same time rejuvenate the skin.

Clay Face, Hand & Foot Exfoliating Mask

In skincare clays and clay masks have been known and used for centuries. Already the Egyptians used them to beautify the skin, but also as a component of cleansing mixtures for the skin and teeth, and a matting substance. They were also used for medicinal purposes, reducing inflammation and skin problems.

Clay, or kaolin, is a natural mineral resource extracted from the bottom of caves, large pools, and sometimes also obtained from fossilized volcanic ash. Since it comes from the depths of the Earth, it is free from pollutions.

The composition of clays is dominated by aluminum and silicon, but they also contain a lot of other macro- and microelements, including potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper and selenium. They have properties valued in skin care: they cleanse the skin of impurities, absorb the excess sebum, remove the dead epidermis. It makes the skin firmer, and provide the skin with the missing minerals.

Ghassoul (red Moroccan clay) - for oily and acne-prone skin. Mattifies, refreshes, cleanses, inhibits the work of sebaceous glands. It can also be applied to excessively greasy hair to reduce seborrhoea.

Pink - for delicate skin prone to irritation, both dry and combination. It is a mixture of two clays: red and white in a 1:2 ratio. It nourishes and regenerates the skin, reduces the tendency to irritation, soothes, relaxes, thoroughly cleanses the pores, gives the skin a healthy shade.

Green - for combination acne-prone skin. It owes its color to the presence of iron ions. It has antiseptic properties, prevents the growth of bacteria, removing excess sebum, cleanses the pores, regenerates the skin and accelerates healing. It works well with pregnancy acne. However, it should not be used by women whose skin is delicate, sensitive or prone to dryness.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil provides many health benefits for the cuticles of the nails, as well as the skin of the hand and fingers. This oil provides a level of protection against cracked skin, split nails, potential infections, and the inevitable wounds that occur when people bite their nails, which can lead to excruciating pain. It helps in treating nail psoriasis as well as preventing infections that cause swelling in the nail bed. Apply a few drops onto the nail beds (either with a dropper, brush, or applicator) and massage them in with your fingertips.