Our products

Candles and other wax products

It is enough to walk into a forest or around a lake in the spring or in the summer, to take a deep breath and feel the energy of all these scents surrounding us.

Footcare by MiaCalnea

Products with the characteristic pink logo are mostly made using natural materials such as wood, quartz or rubber. The MiaCalnea® brand therefore fits perfectly into the concept of environmentally conscious thinking, as confirmed by international organisations such as FSC® and PEFC™.
All products in the MiaCalnea® range are subject to advanced quality testing. They are FSC® certified and have SILD Antibacterial Protection.

The MiaCalnea® brand is also a natural product for manicure, epilation and cellulite control.

Handmade soaps and cosmetics

After the age of shower gels and liquid soaps, which are riddled with artificial ingredients, we are choosingto go back to more natural and efficient products.

We also tend to appreciate more the care given to the creation of handcrafted products, as these are made by people for people. Every single bar of soap will be slightly different, which makes it unique, as opposed to large volumes of soulless, anonymous line productions.

Soap bars are also handy for your holidays – no more problems with security control at the airport, no more worrying about liquids limits and more space for something else in your luggage.

Zero - waste products by Bloomtag

Bloomtag is a brand and a company created by my closest friends Kuba and Agata. They produce and distribute travel accessories. Global warming, mindless use of non-recyclable plastics, marine pollution, these terrible images of tons of garbage stranded on beaches or left behind in forests, all these are a major worry, to say the least.